30 Rules Of Subject Verb Agreement And Their Examples Ppt

19 Rule of agreement subject/verb #6Exception… Compound subjects, which name only one person, a thing or a place, adopt a singular verb. Examples: My buddy and best friend (is, is) my cousin. Macaroni and cheese are my favorite dish. 18 Topic/Verb-Convention Rule #6Two themes related by AND take on a plural theme examples: George Lucas and Steven Spielberg (make, make) films. Rhythm and images (help to help) poets express their feelings. 5 The article/verbal rule #4Don the number of a subject is not determined by a word in a sentence or clause depending on the subject. Examples: Apartments across the street (do, do) have balconies. Eli, a friend of mine, was late.

The planes that were up to the door were purchased by a film company. 4 The subject/verb agreement #3Plural subjects require pluralistic verbs. Examples: you wash dishes. Several girls in my neighborhood play in the band. 14 The rule of agreement subject/verb #5Singular or plural Indefinite pronouns may accept either singulars or plural verbs, depending on how they are used in each sentence 20 subject convention/verb rule #7Subjects by OR or NOR… the verb should correspond to the subject closest to it. Neither the children nor their mother (were, were) ready for the trip. Neither the mother nor her children (were, were) ready for the trip. 26 The rule of the subject/verb convention #11Subjects pre-installation of each A takes singular verbs. Each owner and trader (a, a) joined the cleaning.

Many throwing bugs (was, were surprised) by the rigid fines. 22 The subject/verb chord rule #8Collective noun can be either singular or plural, depending on their meaning in the sentence Examples: The class has completed its projects. The class chose its officers. 25 Subject/Verb Agreement Rule #10Some nouns that are plural in the form that singular verbs „memories“ (are, are) my favorite poem. Rickets (are, is) a serious health problem in some countries. The news of the nominee (was, was) a surprise. 21 Theme/Verb Accord Compound Themes ExamplesEnweder Anne or Tony (load, loads) dishwasher. Neither the coach nor the principal is satisfied with the team`s performance. Either the boys or their sisters (take, take) the garbage.

Neither dogs nor cats (come, come) when called. 2 The subject/verb chord rule #1Plural names usually end in – s. The singular verbs usually end in – s. 24 Subject/Verb Agreement Amount Examples, two hours (were, were) a long waiting period. Thirty dollars (was, were) too much for a concert ticket. Six dollars (was, were found) in the sofa cushions. Two hours — one before school and one after — that is all I have for practice. 13 Subject/Verb Accord plural Indefinite Pronouns Examples (goods, was) the two games moved? Little that I know (a, a) qualified.

Many of the runners (are, are) train. 9 Subject/Verb Accord Singular Indefinite Pronouns Examples Each of the athletes (race, race) effortlessly. None of the women (is, are) ready to start. Someone (was, were) waving a big flag. Everyone who has registered enjoys playing tennis. 6 Convention subject/verb rule #5Singular indeterminate pronouns Take singular verbs… . 8 Subject/Verb-Accord Singular Indefinite PronomenHow to remember these pronouns???? Everyone, either, Ni… The ONES, The BODYS, The THINGS, + ONE Agreement and Indefinites.  pronouns must agree with the precursor in number, case and sex  that is, if there is a person you use the singular. 7 Subject/Verb Agreement Singular Indefinite PronounsEach Or One Anybody Anyone Anyone Anyone Anyone Anyone Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Nothing 23 Subject/Verb Agreement Rule #9An the expression of an amount can be sigular or plural, depending on how it is used in a sentence.