Youth Program Participation Agreement

The 406th Judicial District Drug Court Program is an anti-drug intervention program. The program was designed to provide an early opportunity to change negative behaviours through forensic monitoring, urine testing, case management, community information and drug abuse references information and treatment. It is also a low-cost alternative to traditional criminal treatment. The test for participation in the program was developed cooperatively under the leadership of 406 District Judge Oscar J. Hale Jr. of the Crown Prosecution Service, the Crown and the Department of Community Control. Program staff must have a virtual online student participation agreement and a parental permission agreement before youth can participate in an online or virtual youth program. Parents and participants can sign the agreement electronically, but the normal document retention requirements apply. Departments/units must register signed copies up to the age of 20. Procedures and requirements for reporting child abuse, other offences and security breaches apply to all online or virtual programs.

[Non-profit name] is a youth-centered, community-centered organization dedicated to providing [description of missions or services]. Participation in the Organization`s programmes is subject to compliance with the Organization`s rules and procedures. The activities described below are strictly prohibited. Any participant or staff member who violates this code is subject to discipline, until the program is withdrawn and withdrawn. This agreement is a Memorandum of Understanding indicating that the signed student intends to follow the eligibility of the A-Schools Program. Participants who wish to apply for housing for people with disabilities should contact their program manager. In addition to our standard guides for implementing youth programs, the safety policies of online or virtual programs for teens are: This form can be customized for use with teens or teens in your program. You can make the language less formal or the vocabulary less demanding, depending on the development phase of the young people in your programs. You can also add or subtract components from the code.

You may find that you get more „Buy in“ if participants are part of the development process. If you use such a „contract,“ you must be prepared to impose the consequences if the code is broken or if the „contract“ has no meaning for the participants. The inclusion of youth and staff in a code reinforces the idea that rules are part of the life that young people and adults must follow. Online or virtual youth programs are subject to the same substantive control requirements as in-person youth programs. Online or virtual programs should use ISU-approved software, such as Webex or Zoom. Visit the „Learning and Working Remotely“ IT page for technology recommendations and support. Program managers must be is a teacher or ISU collaborator and use their iSU registration information at all times. This Home Energy Efficiency Assistance Program Participation Agreement („Agreement“) is an offer from the Georgia Power Company („Georgia Power“) to allow you („you“ or „participants“) to participate in Georgia Power`s Home Energy Efficiency Assistance Program („Program“),“ as described in this agreement and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and all program terms. By executing this agreement, you accept this offer and agree to respect and abide by the terms of this Contract and the Program as a condition of your participation in the program.