Sap The Sales Volume For Agreement Is Not Current

I also receive the same message in my sandbox since the morning, in VBO2, when I tried, final settlement system is for me an error „sales volume for the xxx agreement is not current“. the account document is also not included in the SDBONT06 report. Each light will be aprreciable. We have selected the Z2 billing method for discounts. We made sure that the 9090 distribution organization was ready for discount processing. The third step is the maintenance of the basic data. You must enable discounts for a customer in the customer rate. You are using the new discount processing procedure. This means that the conditions contained in the supporting documents relating to the rebates determine the amount of turnover. Different validity period You activate the Val.Different Period check box if you want to allow the discount agreement and the underlying set of conditions to have different validity periods. Seasonal discounts are an example of a business scenario in which you can enable this check box. You can agree to give your customer an additional 0.5 percent discount for purchases they make during Thanksgiving week.

If this box has already been selected in customizing, you can add an additional one-week condition set to your discount agreement for the Thanksgiving season. SAP will be able to track and provide additional 0.5 percent discounts on sales during this period. You should leave this box disabled if the data in the agreement and conditions must always have the same validity. Manual provisions Order type In the ManAccrls order type field, you set the default order type for manual provisions, for example.B. Provisions for benefit discounts or provisions for retroactive delivery. If you process manual provision for a discount contract, SAP uses this type of proof of distribution to create the credit requirement for the manual discount. To grant discounts, the seller usually signs an agreement with the customer that contains all the necessary details, such as the agreed sales targets, the period during which these targets are to be achieved and the discount conditions such as percentage, unit dollar or lump sum. The seller then monitors the volume of sales made to the customer for the products eligible for the discount and regularly takes into account the discount provisions in accordance with the accounting principles of the organization.

If the objectives are successfully achieved, the seller pays the amount of the discount to the customer. This step is called a discount count. Verification Steps This field controls the level of detail you want to see in the report when you check discount invoices for a discount agreement. You can, for example. B either display each document separately or display sums using grouping criteria such as principals, payers, materials, etc. Sap Best Practice is once an agreement has been reached, no additional/subsequent changes to the agreement and relevant terms records should be made. In particular, the fields mentioned above. Please create a new agreement for each additional/subsequent request. Please inform the same one who creates/modifies the discount agreement and condition set. Join group to discount agreement types To complete the final step of the allocation process, follow the IMG menu ➢ Distribution ➢ Billing ➢ Discount ➢ Discount agreements ➢ Packaging groups ➢ Condition categories ➢ Discount categories…