Service New Brunswick Lease Agreement

If a fixed-term lease has expired and both parties have not negotiated and the lessor accepts the rent, the lease automatically becomes a monthly lease. In the case of a periodic lease (a contract from one year to the next or month to month), the tenancy agreement is automatically renewed as the same, unless an appropriate notice of termination has been notified to the tenant. In New Brunswick, the end of a fixed-term lease is reason enough to terminate the lease. The contract expires on the date set in the lease. The tenant does not automatically have the right to continue to rent the property after that date, unless there is a provisional rent or the landlord accepts payment in exchange for the rental of the property after the temporary rent expires, which is not the case in most other provinces and territories. The lessor is not obliged to grant the termination of a lease if it ends on a given date; A fixed-term lease automatically expires at the end of the term. To terminate a one-month to one-month lease, a full month`s lease period is required; in an annual lease, a total of 3 months is to be agreed. The termination of a long-term lease (5 years or more) assumes that the tenant gives one month`s notice to the landlord. The lessor must take part in a 3-month period as well as a valid reason to terminate the lease. Reasons for termination include moving a family member, major renovations, building modifications for commercial or recreational use.

Landlords have the right to visit a tenant`s emergency premises, but they must allow 7 days for inspections and 7 days for repairs. The rent of the unit informs about the authorized entrance after a tenant has asked to make repairs in their unit. If this is the last month of a tenant`s tenancy term and the lease allows, a landlord can enter the premises between 8 .m. and 8.m to show the property to potential tenants, except on Sundays and public holidays. In New Brunswick, a subletting or similar situation in which a tenant eventually returns to the premises is considered a partial allowance.