Simple Operational Level Agreement Template

Write a short paragraph describing the purpose of the agreement at the operational level. Talk about the main objectives and objectives of the OLA, such as. B the provision of quality customer service in the company`s information technology sector. This section gives the reader a concept of why all parties work together. Indicate the authority that those who sign the agreement must cooperate with the OLA. For example, indicate that the signatory parties are current officers or authorized legal representatives for the affected groups and that the company recognizes their ability to sign on behalf of the company. Leave room for these people to sign and date the OLA. Divide the terms of service into specific roles and responsibilities and assign tasks to each party in the agreement. Indicate how much each party calculates for the services provided under the OLA and use your list of terms and conditions as a reference. Indicate the sanctions and procedures if the parties to the OLA do not meet the conditions of the OLA. Add all annexes to the agreement, for example. B a training plan related to the OLA, and publish and distribute a draft OLA. If necessary, negotiate the final elements, rework the design and print the final OLA.

Put each party on the OLA to indicate a signature and a date of signature. Place a copy of the OLA in your business files as well as on encrypted or protected media such as a flash drive or your company`s server. The Service Level Management (SlM) process is responsible for finding a realistic compromise between the needs, expectations and costs of the associated services, so that they are acceptable to both customers and the IT organization. The aim is also to ensure that an agreed LEVEL OF IT service is made available to all current IT services and that future services are delivered towards agreed accessible objectives. But without having the appropriate documents or information to refer to, these questions must be asked. For this reason, an OLA allows all members of your internal teams to rely on the document, so that if they forget a particular detail or are confused, they can receive their response immediately. Describe the validity period of the OLA with some start and end data….