Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreement

Contract with Barana Properties Pty Ltd (PDF, 133.02 KB) Constraint Technologies International Pty Ltd formerly Jeppesen Optimization Solutions Jeppesen Australia Pty Ltd (PDF, 6.94 MB) . . . In accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (the GIPA Act), you have access to the Sydney Train contract register. This register contains information on all contracts with the private sector worth $150,000 or more („Class 1 and 2 contracts“). In addition, we are required to provide a copy of certain contracts valued at more than $5 million („Class 3 contracts“). . May 2018 – Voice Communication Contract (PDF, 10.63 MB) . . Professional Services Contract between Sydney Trains and Jobfit Health Group Pty Ltd – Editorial List – February 28, 2020 (PDF, 90.94 KB) Statement of Novations between TfNSW Huawei Technologies (Australia) Pty Limited, UGL Engineering Pty Limited and Sydney Trains (PDF, 264.59 KB) 19.64 MB) Editorial Calendar – ICT Legacy Contract with ABB Enterprise Software Pty Ltd (formerly Ventyx Pty Ltd and Mincom Pty Ltd) (PDF, 93.07 KB) We are not required to publish commercial provisions of a contract, details of an unsuccessful offer or information in cases of predominant public interest against disclosure. However, we will give reasons why the details are not disclosed. . .

. Professional Services No CW2394089 – Employee Medical Health Services – Terms and Conditions of Sale (REDacted) (PDF, 26.92 MB) September 5, 2017 – Contract with Origin Energy Electricity Limited (PDF, 585.68 KB) Contract with Glasshouse Investments Pty Ltd (PDF, 5.98 MB) . . L3C Agreement Level 3 Maintenance – Logistic Services 2012 Part 1 (PDF, 19.12 MB) Contract with Hurstville Retail Pty Ltd (PDF, 737.13 KB) . Fujitsu Australia Limited – Deed of Extension (PDF, 7.17 MB) . March 1, 2019 – Central Coast Mobile Coverage/Station Wi-Fi Deed of Amendment Part 1 (PDF, 4.34 MB) . Editorial Calendar – ICT Legacy Contract with Fujitsu Australia Limited (PDF, 85.81 KB) . Rocla Pty Ltd – Production, storage and supply of concrete sleepers and safety planners (PDF, 38.02 MB) Editorial Calendar – Modification (Pt 1 out of 2) (PDF, 64.13 KB) . . CW46710 – Mechanized Patrol Vehicle Maintenance Contract – Part A: Contract (PDF, 19.28 MB) . Purchase of IT contracts between Sydney Trains and Dassault Systems Software and Maintenance Support (PDF, 74.22 MB) Contract with City Extra Pty Ltd – 1 (PDF, 10.16 MB) Details of each Class 1, 2 and 3 contract are available on the NSW Government eTendering website. .

December 22, 2016 – Contract with Kronos Australia Pty Limited (PDF, 1.71 MB) . . Novation act between Transport for NSW, UGL Pty Limited and Sydney Trains (PDF, 303.15 KB) ..