University Of Manitoba Unifor Collective Agreement

Supervisor training and support for collective agreements, human rights laws, labour standards Supervisors/Administrators, in order to contact Will Kostelnyk Personnel Relations Officer 204-474-7211 interpretation of collective agreements and policies, recruitment process, working conditions You have also committed to bringing back laws to prohibit project employment contracts (PLAS) if re-elected. We know that LSAs offer high quality and good wages that support local jobs. These agreements have been used since the 1960s for major infrastructure projects and offer great value to Manitobans. But Brian Pallister and his government refuse to obstruct the facts of their ideological agenda. . Critical health care staff, such as those working in laundry and housekeeping, should be commended for their role in maintaining health care conditions that help slow the transmission of the virus. AMHSSE, CUPE, IBEW and Unifor are in talks with Manitoba Hydro. The government has called for massive cuts to public bodies, and Hydro plans to push up to 700 layoffs to reach the target. Unions are warning Prime Minister Pallister that now is not the time to cut essential services and front-line workers. Manitoba Government: WINNIPEG – A letter released this morning to Manitoba Hydro`s Digital Staff Board of Directors by President and CEO Jay Grewal waved red flags for Hydro employees. „PowerSmart is already an excellent program with deep roots in the community, as well as direct access to Hydro`s information to help Manitobans save energy, so it`s hard to believe that this new crown will be able to deliver something new that PowerSmart isn`t doing yet.“ Until today, Pallister has provided only distractions and revisions about how we are all family, and we have to pull up our boot straps, or something so difficult. In 2016, the Pallister government accused the University of Manitoba of committing unfair labour practices in its negotiations with the University of Manitoba Faculty Association. As a result, the Manitoba Labour Council ordered the U of M to pay up to $2.4 million in damages and to formally apologize for its actions.

„The Pallister government`s silos of Manitoba Hydro`s energy efficiency program is simply a bad policy,“ says Chris Mravinec, president of CUPE Local 998, which represents Manitoba Hydro employees, including the PowerSmart program. „The half-truths and misinformation coming out of the Prime Minister`s mouth show a profound lack of leadership and need to be addressed,“ Bergen said today in response to Pallister`s press conference.